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  • What characteristics does the picual variety have?
    The EVOO of the Picual variety has a strong personality. It is a EVOO fruity, fragrant, with positive attributes of bitter and spicy that softens over time. The fig tree and fresh wood stand out as attributes in this variety. Its content of vitamin E (tocopherol) and polyphenols (antioxidants) is high. Its excellent acidic composition and its content of natural antioxidants (polyphenols, tocopherols) make the Picual variety EVOO have a very high stability and benefits for our health.
  • Composition of the EVOO
    EVOO is composed of approximately 98% fatty acids, of which between 68-81% are monounsaturated fatty acids. In the remaining 2% of the EVOO we find volatile and aromatic microelements such as phenols and polyphenols (antioxidants) and oleocanthal (anti-inflammatory), which give the EVOO unique properties as vegetable fat.
  • How to recognize a quality EVOO?
    EVOO contains sensory characteristics that reproduce the smells and flavours of the fruit it comes from. It is the juice of olives harvested at the optimum moment of maturity, healthy and properly processed. It contains all the elements of nutritional interest and consequently does not present any type of alteration in its physical/chemical or sensory indices. An EVOO with P.O.D. (Protected Designation of Origin) certification guarantees the origin and quality of the product we are going to consume.
  • What does acidity tell us?
    Acidity can indicate the quality of an olive oil that we are going to consume. It is a parameter that measures the quality of the fruit and its process. The higher the acidity, the lower the quality of the fruit. • The extra virgin olive oils have an acidity of less than or equal to 0.8 degrees. • The virgin olive oils have an acidity less than or equal to 2 degrees. • The refined oils have an acidity greater than 2 degrees.
  • What does the bitterness and itching in an EVOO tell us?
    The bitterness and itching are attributes of extra virgin olive oil that are mainly given to us by the variety of the olive. Bitterness can indicate the content of antioxidants (phenols) and itching can be given by oleocanthal (anti-inflammatory).
  • What is CAAE and what does it certify?
    CAAE is the Andalusian Committee for Organic Agriculture. It is an international organic certification entity with a global focus for a more organic world. All crops and facilities are certified for European organic production by the Andalusian Committee for Organic Agriculture (CAAE). The olive trees that are cultivated under the control and ecological certification of the CAAE, cannot use herbicides, pesticides or chemical treatments that harm the natural environment. The fertilizers used are all organic, such as manure or chopped branches. Thus, the result is a very balanced and fertile land, which keeps the trees free of diseases and pests.
  • What is the “Designation of Origin”?
    Products with Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O.) are those whose quality or characteristics are due to the geographical environment, with its natural and human factors, and whose production, transformation and preparation are always carried out in said delimited geographical area, from which they take their name. The P.D.O. guarantees the consumer and distributor the origin and quality of the product. The D.O. Sierra Mágina encompasses the olive grove that extends over 61,000 hectares in the Sierra Mágina region, being the largest denomination of origin in extension of those registered in the European Union. The Picual variety is absolutely predominant, as in the rest of the province of Jaén. Most of it is traditional olive groves located on slopes, with an average slope between 10-15%.
  • Health benefits of consuming EVOO
    The extra virgin olive oil is not only known for its organoleptic qualities. In addition, they highlight the multiple health benefits of those who consume it. In the case of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, all these benefits are enhanced by its careful preparation, without chemical additives, and by the immense properties of its components. As a consequence, organic extra virgin olive oil is emerging as an organic and healthy product, highly recommended for all its health benefits. Among them are: Prevents cardiovascular diseases and cholesterol. EVOO is rich in phenolic compounds that increase the level of HDL (also called good cholesterol) in the body. Combats hypertension, through the reduction of blood pressure. Reduces the risk of type II diabetes. Strengthens the immune system. Reduces the risk of developing breast and colon cancer thanks to its anticancer properties. Protects the brain from cognitive decline, preserving memory and preventing Alzheimer's disease. Strengthens bones and prevents loss of bone density and, consequently, osteoporosis. Improves digestive function and promotes intestinal transit, combating constipation. Hydrates and tones the skin. Protects the skin, cuticles and hair, preventing premature aging. Anti-inflammatory. Helps with weight loss, as it is the healthiest fat present in the Mediterranean diet.
  • Olive oil: A gift from the gods
    Olive oil was considered a "gift from the gods" as early as the ancient Greeks (1st century BC) and thanks to modern studies there is no doubt that even Homer (8th century BC) wasn't wrong to consider it "liquid gold" and Hippocrates (father of medicine, IV century BC), a "great healer".
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