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We are a family of fourth
generation olive growers

Our story began in 2005, when we started to dedicate our time to our olive grove and took up this long tradition. Since then, our main mission is to take care of the land and respect the environment so as not to interfere with the ecosystem.

La Estaca is the product of our hard work and dedication. From caring of our olive trees to producing an amazing extra virgin olive oil.

The land is the legacy for future generations, so we have a duty to protect and care for it.


"The land is not an inheritance
from our parents, it's a

loan from our children"
Mahatma Gandhi



Our olive grove is of the Picual variety, sustainable and in the high mountains. It is located at an altitude of 1025 meters in Sierra Mágina (Jaén). We cultivate in a traditional way, reconciling agriculture and biodiversity, thus obtaining a sustainable, healthy and top-quality extra virgin olive oil.

We maintain a plant cover, we do not use pesticides and we contribute the remains of pruning to the ground by crushing them. This crop management makes our olive grove a CO2 sink, cleaning the atmosphere, mitigating the greenhouse effect and maintaining the fertility of our soil by providing organic matter (compost and manure).

The olive grove of La Estaca is home to a multitude of species (birds, foxes, moles, snakes, lizards, hares, insects...) helping to maintain the olive grove ecosystem that has been disappearing for the last 40 years in parallel with the increased use of pesticides (herbicides and pesticides)

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